Gas-Heated Soldering Iron Goot GP-501

The most powerful gas-heated soldering iron of Portasol series. Heat power is adjustable within 25–125 W.

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SKU: 813228

Goot GP-501 Gas-Heated Soldering Iron (Portasol Super Pro) is a most powerful stand-alone soldering iron (125 W) of Portasol series. Portasol Super Pro soldering iron with a piezoelectric ignition system allows soldering with temperature adjustment and requires no electric power supply.

Goot GP-501 soldering iron is compatible with a wide range of soldering iron tips and nozzles (optional), so it is suitable for conducting multiple soldering operations starting with indoors PCB repairing as well as outdoors soldering of connectors and massive cable lugs.


  • Soldering iron may be used as a blow torch, a heat gun, and a hot knife (nozzles to be purchased separately).
  • Only 30 seconds heating up to operation temperature.
  • Heat power may be adjusted within 25–125 W.
  • Continuous operation time ~ 45 minutes (at max. power), ~ 2 hours (at min. power).
  • Easy ignition using only one button.
  • High power guarantees reliable operation even under unfavorable conditions.

Technical Specifications

Model Portasol Super Pro
Operation temperature Soldering iron 580 °C
Blow torch 1300 °C
Hot air 625 °C
Refill time 30 sec
Ignition system piezoelectric
Gas type butane, isobutane
Continuous operation time approx. 45 min (for soldering) at max temperature
Length 223 mm
Weight 147 g