Goot ST-94 Mini Workstand

Reliable solid mini workstand with 2X 60 mm magnifier lens and alligator clips for high-precision soldering jobs

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Goot ST-94 Mini Workstand is a convenient steady mini workstand with a 2X magnifier, a rubber covered clip for secure hold and scratch protection, and a weighted base. It is especially useful for high-precision soldering applications such as PCB or jewelry soldering.


  • 60 mm scratch-resistant high-transparency durable lens with 2X magnification designed for superior visibility as required in high-precision jobs
  • The edge of the lens is protected with a rubber rim for users’ safety
  • Maximum clip opening of 12 mm
  • Rubber-capped clips for a firm hold and protection of small-sized printed circuits boards or other objects
  • Full articulation of the lens (up, down, left, right)
  • Adjustable positions and angles of the lens and clips thanks to 8 joints with new joint mechanism for enhanced flexibility
  • Solid stable square base with an anti-slip rubber coating and a convenient built-in mini tray

Technical Specifications

  Goot ST-94 Goot ST-95
  Mini Workstand Tweezer Stand
Type Alligator clips Reverse action tweezers
Maximum opening Clips opening up to 12 mm Tweezers opening up to 10 mm
Size 110 × 105 × 130 mm 70 × 140 × 145 mm
Base size 50 × 50 mm
Weight 460 g 330 g
Width range Clips range: 5 – 145 mm Tweezers range: 120 mm

Package Contents

  • Goot ST-94 Mini Workstand — 1 pc.