Soldering Iron Tip Goot RX-80HRT-4.7C

Replacement soldering iron tip (8.5 mm) with one-side cut (45°, ⌀ 4.7 mm) for lead-free precision component soldering. It is compatible with Goot RX-802AS/RX-812AS/RX-822AS, Accta 501.

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Goot RX-80HRT-4.7C Soldering Iron Tip is a replacement soldering iron tip with one-side cut for lead-free precision component soldering.

Technical Specifications

Length 8.5 mm
Cut 45°
Diameter 4.7 mm


  • Lead-Free Soldering Station GOOT RX-802AS
  • Lead-Free Soldering Station Goot RX-812AS
  • Hot Air Rework Station Accta 501
  • Lead-free Soldering Station Goot RX-822AS


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