Precision Soldering Iron Goot CXR-31

Precision soldering iron with ceramic heater. Durable chrome alloy coated replacement tips.

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Goot CXR-31 high precision soldering iron for surface component mounting is durable, compact and effective. Goot CXR-31 soldering iron with ceramic heater is compatible with PX-60RT replacement tips.


  • Ceramic heating element
  • Non-skid foaming resin lining on handle
  • Durable chrome alloy coated tip

Technical Specifications

Voltage 220-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 20 W
Temperature 480°C
Insulation resistance > 100 MΩ
Length, mm 205
Weight, g 60

Replacement Parts

  • Heater CXR-31H
  • Collar TQ-77NUT
  • Heater barrel PX-60HP
  • Spacer CXR-31SS

Replacement Tips

Are not included in package!

  • Replacement tips
    • PX-60RT-SB (standard)
    • PX-60RT-B
    • PX-60RT-1C
    • PX-60RT-2C
    • PX-60RT-3C
    • PX-60RT-4C
    • PX-60RT-1.6D
    • PX-60RT-2.4D
    • PX-60RT-3.2D
    • PX-60RT-LB
    • PX-60RT-3K
    • PX-60RT-5K
  • Round solder-plated tips
    • PX-60RT-1CR
    • PX-60RT-2CR
    • PX-60RT-3CR
    • PX-60RT-4CR


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