Surface Resistivity Meter Goot WA-400

Easily measure RTT and RTG surface resistivity with goot WA-400 surface resistivity tester.

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SKU: 812738

Color LED measurement display Measures the Surface Resistivity (in Ω/Sq),
Resistance to Ground (RGT) and Resistance between two points (RTT), of flooring,
work surfaces, conductive materials, and anti-static accessories.

Powered by 9V battery (006P), and compact in size. Measurements instantly
displayed in three color LED.

Goot WA-400 Surface Resistivity Tester Features

  • Surface resistivity measurement
  • Ground resistivity measurement
  • RTT measurement
  • Power supply: 1x 9V 006P battery

Goot WA-400 Surface Resistivity Tester Specifications

Model WA-400
Item Surface Resistivity Meter
Power Supply 9V (006P) Battery
Ranges 103-1012Ωsq (Surface Resistivity)
103-1012Ωsq (RTG & RTT)
Tolerance ±10%
Battery Life Approx. 40 hours (Standard use)
Dimensions 61 x 26 x 96 mm
Weight 70g (w/o battery)
Accessories 2 x Test Wires