Soldering Tip Cleaner Goot ST-40

Soldering iron tip cleaner made of brass shavings. The container with two packs of shavings.

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SKU: 841391

Goot ST-40 is a soldering iron tip cleaner made of brass shavings.


  • Made of low-abrasive brass shavings.
  • Cleans the tip better than conventional sponges
  • No water is required to use the tip cleaner.
  • The container is made of heat-resistant and slip-proof silicon rubber.
  • Reduces the temperature loss that occurs when using a wet sponge.
  • Long lifetime.
  • One spare pack of brass shavings is included.

Technical Specifications

Diameter 59 mm
Height 60 mm
Weight 80 g

Spare Components

  • Replacement Brass Wire Goot ST-40BW