High-Power Lead-Free Soldering Station GOOT RX-852AS

Temperature controlled soldering station Goot RX-852AS is perfect high-power tool for heavy load work.

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SKU: 10592

Temperature controlled soldering station Goot RX-852AS is a perfect high-power tool for heavy load work.


  • Excellent heat recovery. Excellent heat recovery is achieved by the combination of a 150w-compacthigh-output-heater and a high-sensitivity-sensor.
  • Fastest in its class. Reaches 350 &#176C in 14 seconds. When using the RX-80HRT tip,
    350 &#176C is reached in 6 seconds.
  • Easy-change tip (PAT.P). Slide–change tip. No tools or heat resistant pads are needed.
  • Thick iron plating for lead-free soldering. Complete lineup of tips with thick iron plating to prevent erosion. RX80HRT tips can also be used. 35 different shapes of tips are available, including the 27 optional tips for the RX-802AS.
  • Sleep function (PAT.). Automatically lowers the tip temperature when inactive for a preset period of
    time, preventing any overheating. The preset period of time is user definable. The shutdown function can also be used at the same time.
  • Exiting the sleep function (PAT.P). The sleep function is exited by thermal fluctuation of the tip, for example, when the tip comes into contact with the cleaner/sponge.
  • Replacement Tip with Integrated Heater.
  • Keylock function (PAT.). Keylock by PIN (personal identification number). No need for tools or cards. The RX-852AS series tips are interchangeable with the RX-802AS series, providing a
    wide variety.
  • Shutdown function. Automatically switches off when inactive for a preset period of time.The shutdown
    function assures that the station is turned off even if you forget to turn
    off the power switch. This function can be used in conjunction with the sleep

Technical specifications

Voltage 220 V AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 160 W
Soldering Unit Voltage/ Consumption 24 V AC / 150 W
Temperature Setting Range 50–450 &#176C
Insulation Resistance 100M Ohm and above
Dimensions Soldering Unit 174 mm ( w/o cord bushing )
Control Unit 194(L) &#215 116(W) &#215 105(H) mm
Weight Soldering Unit Approx. 39 g ( w/o cord )
Control Unit Approx. 4.8 kg ( w/o cord )
Leak Voltage 2 mV and below
Ground Resistance 2 Ohm and below
Control Unit to Soldering Unit Cord Length 1.5 m datachable cord, 3 core cable
Power Cord Length 1.5 m
Accessory Stand (ST-20), Standard tip (5D), Tip stand