Gas-Heated Soldering Iron Goot GP-101S (Portasol Hobby)

Portable gas-heated soldering iron with butane/isobutane heating. Heat power is adjustable within 10–60 W. Ideal for field operation.

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SKU: 813227

Goot GP-101S Gas-Heated Soldering Iron (Portasol Hobby) is a stand-alone soldering iron (60 W). Portasol Hobby with a piezoelectric ignition system allows soldering with temperature adjustment and requires no electric power supply. Goot GP-101S soldering iron is lightweight and portable, so it is a reasonable choice for operation in field conditions and unequipped workplaces.


  • Heating is provided using butane orisobutane gas.
  • Only 30 seconds heating up to operation temperature.
  • Fully compatible with the analogues from ERSA, JBC, WELLER.
  • Heat power may be adjusted within 10–60 W.
  • Easy ignition using only one button.
  • Ideal for outdoor operation.

Technical Specifications

Model Portasol Hobby
Operation temperature 480 °C
Refill time 30 sec
Ignition system piezoelectric
Gas type butane, isobutane
Continuous operation time ~ 45 min (for soldering) at max temperature
Length 157 mm
Weight 43 g