Ceramic Precision Tweezers Goot TS-100

All the best advantages of a ceramic tool: resistance to chemicals, excellent electrical insulation, high wear and heat resistance.

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SKU: 813224

Goot TS-100 – ceramic precision tweezers feature all the advantages of ceramics.


  • Resistance to chemicals. The materials of the body have excellent resistance to acid and alkaline chemicals making the TS-100 perfect for various applications in pharmaceutics and chemical industry.
  • Excellent electrical insulation. 100% anti-magnetic shielded tip does not generate static electricity, so TS-100 ceramic precision tweezers are perfect for handling precision electronic parts safely.
  • High wear and heat resistance. Heat resistant ceramic tips make TS-100 ceramic precision tweezers usable for long periods with high durability.

Technical specifications

OAL 130 mm
Weight 8.5 g
Tip material Zirconia ceramics
Body material PPO containing fiber glass